Council Awards

Congratulations to our 2011 award recipients!  

  Tomas Hark

David Kingsbury Smith Award: given to the individual who exemplifies a life-long dedication to trail stewardship and who has, through their efforts, made a significant contribution to trails in Vermont.

VT Dept. of Forests, Parks & Recreation – Rick White, Ethan Phelps, Lisa Thornton, Gary Sawyer, Susan Bulmer, Diana Frederick, Lou Bushey – Jack & Jessica

Green Mountain Award: given to the trail organization or group that, as a result of its long-term investment in the Vermont trails community, has made significant contributions to the development, maintenance and stewardship of trails in Vermont.

Moosalamoo, VMBA, & VYCC – Holly Knox, Patrick Kell, & Kate Hilfiker

Project of the Year: recognizes an outstanding trail project that demonstrates creativity, cooperation, excellence and stewardship in providing and/or enhancing trail opportunities in Vermont.

Local Motion (Trail Finder) – recieved by Executive Director Chapin Spencer

Community Enhancement Award: recognizes the trail project that, through its origins and connections on a local scale, strengthens communities and enhances the quality of life for Vermonters.

 Beth Ann Finlay       Amy Kelsey

Council Stewardship Award: given to the individual or group who, through their participation and devotion to the Vermont Trails and Greenways Council, has contributed to the health and well-being of Vermont’s trail community.

The Muddy Boot Award: given to a trail volunteer to recognize an individual in Vermont who has contributed to on-the-ground trail work, trail advocacy efforts to encourage responsible use and environmental stewardship, and has demonstrated leadership through their participation.

Rich Larson